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Shared Payment Gateways: This type of payment gateways are issued as a third party payment processing to the vendor. The per transaction fee ranges between 2.5 to 5.5. Hosting environment does not require any special environment setting to be done. This consists of Nano, Economy and Premium Packages.

Why go for Shared Payment Gateway Solutions?

  • 1. The first and foremost factor is Cost. The pricing for Shared Payment Gateway Solutions range between Rs.7500 to Rs. 20000.
  • 2. Easy to use. Doesnt not require high end integration skills or System Administration.
  • 3. Can be easily integrated even in Shared hosting environment.
  • 4. In built Fraud Alert system such as IP address tracking, Address verification, Charge Back alerts, Flagging based on suspicious transactions.
  • 5. Wider Coverage including VISA, Master, Net Banking also included in these payment gateways.

Shared Payment Gateway Plans

Features Basic Business Professional
One Time Setup Fee 7749 10249 20249
Annual Fee 2599 3699 4999
Per Transaction Fee(in %) 5.5 4.5 2.5
Billing Name Third Party Third Party Third Party
Payment Realization Weekly Weekly Weekly
SSL Encryption 128 bit SSL 128 bit SSL 128 bit SSL

How to get a Shared Payment Gateway ?

Check Before You Apply : The Pre-requisites

The following are the general pre-requisites to apply for a Shared Payment Gateway;

  • 1. Current Account / Savings Account
  • 2. Proper manufacturing or servicing setup with office and employees etc. with proof of existence
  • 3. Products or services sold cannot include but not limited to drugs, medicines, alcohol, multilevel schemes etc.

Step 1: Apply Online :

The first step to get a payment gateway is to apply online. Click here to apply online. Once you have applied, we will review the application and update you with the technical and commercial details. Unless you receive a confirmation from us, please do not proceed to the documents stage.

Step 2: Verification

On meeting the basic pre-requisites, you will be verified for the following but not limited to;

Location and Business Verification like location, phone numbers, authorized contact person etc.

Website must contain;

  • Domain Whois must contain your correct contact details
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • About Us
  • Type of Product

Step 3: Documents & Other Requirements

For most of the payment gateways, the documents required are almost the same, except few variations. Extra documents or credentials are required to be submitted if request by the Bank.

  • 1. Commercial Documents
  • . Technical Documents

Commercial Documents Required For Payment Gateways

If Sole Proprietor

  • 1. Proof of proprietorship
  • 2. ID Docs of the proprietor
  • 3. Payment Gateway Agreement in stamp paper as mentioned in the confirmation mail
  • 4. Bank Account certification by your bank.
  • 5. Application for payment gateway in your letter head

If Partnership

  • 1. Partnership Deed
  • 2. ID Docs of the proprietor
  • 3. Payment Gateway Agreement in stamp paper as mentioned in the confirmation mail
  • 4. Bank Account certification by your bank.
  • 5. Application for payment gateway in your letter head

If Private Limited

  • 1. Copy of ID proof of all the directors with " Company For Seal and Signature of all the directors "

      Any one of the following is accepted as ID proof;

    • 1. Voters ID
    • 2. Pan Card
    • 3. Drivers License
    • 4. Passport
  • 2. MOA and AOA documents along with Certificate of Incorporation. If certificate of incorporation is not included in MOA or AOA, it can be provided separately.
  • 3. If all the directors are not mentioned in MOA or AOA, then Form 32 must be provided for directors who are not mentioned in the MOA or AOA.
  • 4. Payment Gateway Agreement in stamp paper as mentioned in the confirmation mail
  • 5. Bank Account certification by your bank.
  • 6. Application for payment gateway in your letter head

Step 4: Testing Payment Gateway.

Once you receive the Merchant Id and other details , you can host in your reseller account and test with the payment gateway url

Step 5:

On successful completion of the testing, you can integrate with your shopping cart and go live !


Payment Gateways are online credit card validation and processing system that allows vendors to sell their products and services online. We have the lowest transaction rate [ Rate charged per transaction made online ]. Our aim is to provide Payment Gateways at the lowest possible cost so that Small and Medium Businesses can harness the full potential of Internet.

Why go for a Payment Gateway ?

Payment Gateways are very handy in completing a sale online. For instance, there are many items such as gifts, electronic gadgets, software etc which are purchased online. The whole activity of online sales ends with payment processing using Payment Gateways. Payment Gateway also indirectly serve as means of Validity of a company, Makes impulsive buying possible, Allows clients to use their card and use their credit period.

Acquiring the payment is the most significant process in a e-business. Without this an enquiry is not converted into an order. Typically a Payment Gateway involves Customer, Vendor, Issuing Bank and Acquiring Bank and the Card Service Provider. Above all, it shortens the duration for making payment for a client as well as realization of payment by the vendor.

Our Expertise in hosting can make your payment gateway up and running within few minutes from approval. What are your waiting for ? Sign up for our payment gateway services and start accepting major credit cards for your website.

Types of Payment Gateways

There are three financial components in a Payment Gateway.

  • 1. Set Up Fee [ Usually one time fee ]
  • 2. Annual Maintenance Fee
  • 3. Per Transaction Fee

Features and Technology behind our Payment Gateways

Internet Payment Processing refers to the process of obtaining the payment details on the Internet from the customer in a secured environment, processing the data and authenticating the transaction through the acquiring bank.

Our Payment Solution is fully equipped to handle the volume of transactions in a secured environment, processing and transmitting data quickly over the Internet. The solution provides merchants with a host of distinctive advantages.

Real time processing of Internet transactions.

Highest level of Security for processing transactions, using 128 Bit SSL technologies.

Simple & User friendly operation and management.

Compatibility with almost all popular shopping carts.

Multiple currency handler.

Scalable to any platform.

Wide coverage: Visa and Master Card.

Transaction Management: Extensive, Internet enabled reporting features.

Fraud Detection: In-built and powerful fraud detection features supplemented by fraud monitoring facilities.

Factors to be considered while choosing a payment gateway

The following are the factors that should be considered while choosing a payment gateway.

  • 1. Reliability
  • 2. Setup Cost
  • 3. Per transaction rate
  • 4. Annual Recurring Fee
  • 5. Ease of integration
  • 6. Ease of use

Reliability: This is about the reliability of the payment gateway provider. This includes business reliability, infrastructure, technology.

Setup Cost: Initial cost that is levied while signing up for a merchant account or payment gateway.

Per Transaction Rate: The most crucial factor as the cost per transaction depends on this.

Annual Recurring Fee: Any recurring fee charged on an annual basis towards maintenance etc.

Ease of integration: The ease with which the payment gateway can be integrated with your shopping cart or e-commerce application. API usability etc.

Ease of use: Ease with which day to day operations such as order capturing, accept or decline a transaction etc can be done.

Quick Payment Gateway Implementation

3rd April Inc.® gives more emphasize on implementing Payment Gateways at the shortest possible time. We have been helping thousands of customers around the world to enable ecom. This gives us enormous advantage over others. We know the exact requirements and pre-requisites for enabling payment gateways.

Pre-Application Stage: During this stage we collect meticulous information as much as possible. This allows our risk and legal team to analyze and flag under different segments. You will be allotted with a unique case number and have a dedicated Account Manager interacting with you.

Processing Stage: Once our risk and legal team accepts for further review of your application, the processing stage starts. You will be required to submit various documents varying from 20 - 60 in numbers for review. On satisfactory submission of all documents based on our requirements, you will be required to send the payment. Each and every communication is documented and can be tracked by you in our pre-sales portal. You will be verified by a third party on various grounds. On satisfactory verification, you will be allotted with a merchant id.

Implementation Stage: With our in house experts having more than a decade of experience in implementing payment gateways, you can go live within minutes from your approval. If the payment gateway is hosted with us, you will have your environment preset with full integration samples for testing in Sandbox environment. Once you have successfully tested, you can go live within minutes. Our processes take 75% lesser time when compared to others [ provided you fulfill all our technical and commercial requirements ]. You can track each and every stage of your Payment Gateway processing in our Automated Service Engine.

Shared Payment Gateways: This type of payment gateways are issued as a third party payment processing to the vendor. The per transaction fee is very high when compared to Dedicated Payment Gateways. Billing is not done in the vendor name. Hosting environment does not require any special environment setting to be done. This consists of Economy and Premium Packages.

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