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3rd April Inc. Software Solutions deals with todays cutting edge technologies for Desktop and Web Applications development. Along with highly skilled developers and dedicated team of maintenence engineers making sure applications are scalable, secure and up to date.

This is reflected in the standard of the Softwares and Web Applications developed at 3rd April Inc. Software Solutions. The Softwares and Web Applications developed follows rigorous planning, executions and testing. This results in Softwares and Web Applications that require very low or no maintenence at all. That means low maintenence cost for you and maximum up time. 3rd April Inc. Software Solutions has excellent track record for after sale service. The basic philosophy that guides our maintenance practice is our belief that we should be always accountable for every single line of code that we write.

All the Softwares and Web Applications are developed on Oracle NetbeansIDE which is a free, open source and most popular Integrated Development Environment available on the market today. This site itself is developed on Oracle NetbeansIDE using Zend Framework, jQuery Library and a few more.

Most of our Desktop Applications are built on Oracle Java Technology, which makes our softwares ready to run any Java compliant Operating System such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, Linux etc.

Also most of our Web Applications are built using either Java Technology or PHP, which are scalable and highly secure. Almost 90% of the most busy sites on the internet today run on these two technologies. There are also some Frameworks/Libraries available for working with these technologies such as Zend Framework, Symphony, jQuery Core and UI Library etc. which makes applications very easy to develop and maintain. Our developers are fully adept in these technologies.

3rd April Inc. Software Solutions has in-house team of designers skilled in design technologies to make your applications and web-sites beautiful and provide world class softwares and web-sites leaving no stone un turned until you are fully satisfied with the solution.

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